Gateway Baptist Church Books, Balls, and Blocks -Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama
10:00 To 12:00
March 14, 2020

What is Help Me Grow: Books, Balls, & Blocks? Books, Balls, and Blocks is a free event held for children and their families. The purpose of the event is to screen children for developmental delays in the first 5 years of life, while the kids are playing! The event is fun, educational, and exciting! While ...



Child Care Grants Available NOW!

Please visit this link to the application for funding that may be available for your child care program to pay stipends/bonuses to all of your staff. These bonuses will be paid quarterly and can be up to $6,000 per year for full-time staff and $3,000 per year for part-time staff. Your work during the pandemic ...

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Alabama’s Early Intervention System (EI)

When a parent or professional has a question regarding a child’s development, a referral can be made to Alabama’s Early Intervention System (AEIS). This is done by calling (800) 543-3098 which is also known as the Child Find number. AEIS serves children from birth to age three. To be eligible, the child must have: A) ...

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HMG Staff Spotlight: Deanne Slafsky

Deanne Slafsky joined the Help Me Grow Alabama team as a South Alabama Regional Care Coordinator with Lifelines Counseling Services. Deanne comes with 33 years of experience working with at-risk youth and youth with developmental disabilities. She operated a child care center for toddlers in foster care due to parental drug abuse in California, the ...

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Help Me Grow Alabama

Help Me Grow Alabama is an affiliate of the Help Me Grow National Network and a program of the Alabama Partnership for Children.


Help Me Grow Alabama is funded by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education through the Preschool Development Grant and the Alabama Department of Human Resources.


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