What is Help Me Grow: Books, Balls, & Blocks?
Books, Balls, and Blocks is a free event held for children and their families. The purpose of the event is to screen children for developmental delays in the first 5 years of life, while the kids are playing!

The event is fun, educational, and exciting! While children engage in games and activities at different stations, parents learn how these interactions help stimulate their child’s development.

Also, while the children are playing, parents can complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3). The ASQ-3 is reliable, valid, cost-effective, and easy to use. The ASQ-3 is the recommended tool to screen young children for developmental delays.

On site, there will be professionals to score the ASQ-3. Afterwards, parents will receive a follow-up from the professional to learn if his or her child’s development; 1) appears on schedule, 2) needs to be monitored and provided learning activities, or 3) requires further assessment with a professional.

Parents will be given resources concerning their child’s development and fun activities that they can do with their child! Free community resources will also be available at the event!

Our hope is for Help Me Grow: Books, Balls, and Blocks to be a free, fun, and exciting event that supports healthy development among children in your community.

Help Me Grow Alabama

Help Me Grow Alabama is a program of the Alabama Partnership for Children as an affiliate of the Help Me Grow National Network.


Help Me Grow Alabama is funded by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education through the Preschool Development Grant, the Alabama Department of Human Resources, and the Alabama Department of Mental Health through a Project LAUNCH Grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association. In addition, Help Me Grow Alabama is supported by an AmeriCorps State Grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service provided by The Governor's Office of Volunteer Services.


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