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National Parent Survey Blog Series Part 2: Do You Believe Parenting Can Be Learned?

A parent’s interaction with their child in the first 5 years of life is a strong indicator of how the child’s brain will develop. So, for parents, the pressure is on. Are all people born with the knowledge of how to be a parent or is this something that can be learned? According to the …


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Parents of Young Children Tell What They Think, Know, and Need

A child’s experiences in the first three years of life shape a child forever. Help Me Grow cares about babies and toddlers, therefore we care about, listen to, and meet the needs of parents too. ZERO TO THREE, with support from the Bezos Family Foundation, undertook a comprehensive research effort to go directly to parents of …


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Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and the Autism Society of Alabama has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, including a Walk for Autism near you! If you are in Alabama and have questions or concerns about autism, call 2-1-1 and ask for Help Me Grow. Help Me Grow passionately supports early identification of developmental or behavioral concerns, so that a …


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Family New Year Resolutions

Photo Credit Happy New Year! We at Help Me Grow Alabama have big plans for 2016 and we’re excited you’re along for the journey! At the start of the year, many families are considering making positive changes and we have a few resources to help get you started. First, this article from PBS provides recommendations …


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Gift Ideas

With holidays right around the corner, many parents are on the lookout for what to give their child. You may want to consider limiting the number of gifts to a few, quality items. Many parents use the 4 gift idea of “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.” Don’t forget …


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Happy Veterans Day

Photo Credit Today we honor all of the veterans who have and are currently serving our country through military service. Veterans and their families make huge sacrifices for our freedom, and can face unique challenges that other families are not exposed to. The Child Mind Institute is a great online resource that focuses on supporting …


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National Adoption Awareness Month

Graphic Credit November is National Adoption Awareness Month! All adoption-related issues are important, but the particular focus this year is finding loving and permanent homes for foster children who are waiting to be adopted. Promoting awareness can be done through planned events and campaigns, gatherings and celebrations, and simple everyday activities. You can share ideas …


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What Is Epigenetics?

Photo Credit According to, epigenetics is the idea that environmental factors (such as diet, lifestyle choices and behaviors, and stress) can change the health not only of the people who are exposed to them, but also the health of their descendants. Help Me Grow connects children and families to the services they need to …


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