Alabama’s Early Intervention System (EI)

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When a parent or professional has a question regarding a child’s development, a referral can be made to Alabama’s Early Intervention System (AEIS). This is done by calling (800) 543-3098 which is also known as the Child Find number.

AEIS serves children from birth to age three. To be eligible, the child must have:

A) A diagnosed condition that has a high chance of leading to a developmental delay; such as, cerebral palsy, deafness, etc.


B) A 25% delay or greater in one of the five developmental areas: physical to include vision & hearing; communication, cognitive; social or emotional; adaptive.

If you would like more information about development, go to www.rehab.alabama.gov/services/ei. From there select Resource Library and scroll down the page to Publications. “A Step Ahead” (pdf) and “AEIS Developmental Flyer” (pdf) provide information about developmental milestones. These are important resources because the earlier a child’s delays are identified and treated, the more likely a better outcome.

Once eligible for services, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is written with the family. Outcomes or goals for the child are written and the early intervention services that are necessary to help the child and family achieve the outcomes are included in the IFSP. Every family will have a service coordinator to help the family understand their rights, guide, and inform them.

Before the child reaches the age of three and must leave early intervention, the service coordinator will review options with the family for services at age three; such as, preschool services.

For additional information about Alabama’s Early Intervention System, please visit www.rehab.alabama.gov/services/ei or call (800) 543-3098.

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